Yahweh and Yin this week!! May 2 and May 7

This Thursday, May 2 we are offering our Yahweh yoga!! Class begins at 6:30PM (this means that our 6PM Basic and 7:30PM Vinyasa are cancelled)

Sunday, May 7 is our monthly YIn Workshop! This 2 hour workshop begins at 1:45PM and costs $25.00. Registration is required by email greenlotuslebanon@gmail.com or call (330)760-4009


Spinal Health Yoga (SHY) Workshop

I was contacted by Elizabeth Fryer, a certified yoga instructor who spent her 2017 dealing with back pain.  She developed Spinal Health Yoga (SHY) and found relief!!  Her workshop participants are loving the results and have found it worthwhile.  So many of you deal with back issues and I am SO excited to have the opportunity to offer Elizabeth's SHY workshops!

Spinal Health Yoga

January 6, 13, 20

1:30 - 2:45

Build a healthy relationship with your back through yoga. Attending any class in this Spinal Health Yoga (SHY) series is like seeing a chiropractor for a spinal reset but with the added benefit of gentle pranayama & meditation, strengthening, and a 75-minute practice—compared to 10 minutes with a chiropractor.

The three classes of this series will increase in intensity:

·         The focus in class 1 will be loosening the spine, breaking up stiffness and set muscle patterns—no sweat

·         Class 2 will include more strengthening for the front core—a little sweat

·         Class 3 will add back side strengthening—lots more sweat

These classes are movement based and require effort on your part; don’t expect restorative holds. You can buy classes individually to try it out first. But do note that space is limited, and those who reserve the entire series get priority.

You’ll leave each class with your back feeling better than when you arrived. In fact, the first class will have you feeling Mmmmm. You’ll use a surprise therapy tool and get a handout describing optional home practice: three 10-minute routines (one each week) to do ideally just before meditation and bed. Do daily to keep your spine loose or as needed when your spine needs reset.  .

I myself have spinal stenosis, aka arthritis. I developed this series based on the flowing movements that offered me relief. A big thanks to The Green Lotus Yoga Studio for allowing me this opportunity to share these routines with others.

Take this series to care for your spine or simply to experience some unique gentle yoga with movement.

Investment: $49 for the three-class series. You can try a single class for $20

Call, text or email me to register for this class - greenlotuslebanon@gmail.com or 330-760-4009

Class size is LIMITED so register early!!  Pay the day of the workshop


Hunter's Moon Yoga Flow

Hunter's Moon

Full Moon Flow - October 24 at 7:00PM

Bicentennial Park  (Corner of Mulberry and Cherry)

When the moon is full, it is the best time to unite as a group to raise the vibration of humanity and raise levels of compassion.

  If the moon has the power to pull tides, it must also impact us as we are 70% water!!

Join us for a  Full Moon Yoga Flow on Wednesday, October 24 as we harness the power of the full moon as a source of healing for the mind, body and soul!

(suitable for all levels)

Meet at the studio at 6:45PM in order to fill out a waiver (new students only) and pay.  ($10.00)  We will then head to the Park.


I'm not an expert on full moons or its supposed benefits.  I literally copied and pasted this!  haha!

  I just think it will be fun to do yoga outside at night ! :)

image (1).png

Essential Oils 101

I have had quite a few of you express interest in learning more about essential oils and their benefits.   We have a Green Lotus member that has offered to hold a free beginner's workshop at our studio.  Her name is Carrie Huth and she will discuss how these plant based oils can help support us and our family's wellness.  We will learn how to incorporate oils into our daily lives and also how we can add it into our meditative routines to help focus and center our minds!

The Workshop is scheduled for Friday, September 28th at 7PM.  Carrie said it will be approximately 1 1/2 hr long.  Snacks and drinks will be provided.  Bring along a notebook and pen to take notes!


A fun and easy to follow class that is perfect for students to get to know the basics of bellydance!

Come and enjoy yourself! Take this time to leave the outside world where it is and spend some time having fun with the delightful person you are!
— Jiffy Stiles

Saturday, September 15 @ 10:45AM - 12:45PM OR 2:30PM - 4:30PM

Email to register - greenlotuslebanon@gmail.com
Pay at the door $20.00

Reiki and Crystal Therapy by 'Naturally By Nature' !!

   Kelly Sunny Rae

Certified Crystal Therapist & Reiki Practitioner


What is Reiki? “Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’, a term used to describe a system of natural healing.A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness.

What is Crystal Therapy? Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic vibrational power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind.

Benefits:  *Deep Relaxation * Relief of Stress * Eases Tension *Depression* Improves Physical Pain * Sleeping Problems *Boost Self-Esteem *Encourage Clarity * Inspire a sense of Peace & Centeredness  

I am grateful for the mutual healing we will both receive in the asking & allowance for vibrational upliftment & alignment.

Naturally By Nature  (937)402-4908


The Divine Light in Me, Sees & Honors the Divine Light in You ~Namaste ~