Hunter's Moon Yoga Flow

Hunter's Moon

Full Moon Flow - October 24 at 7:00PM

Bicentennial Park  (Corner of Mulberry and Cherry)

When the moon is full, it is the best time to unite as a group to raise the vibration of humanity and raise levels of compassion.

  If the moon has the power to pull tides, it must also impact us as we are 70% water!!

Join us for a  Full Moon Yoga Flow on Wednesday, October 24 as we harness the power of the full moon as a source of healing for the mind, body and soul!

(suitable for all levels)

Meet at the studio at 6:45PM in order to fill out a waiver (new students only) and pay.  ($10.00)  We will then head to the Park.


I'm not an expert on full moons or its supposed benefits.  I literally copied and pasted this!  haha!

  I just think it will be fun to do yoga outside at night ! :)

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