Shelley Kamlowsky,  Founder & Instructor, RYT - Vinyasa Focus

Jen Burns, Instructor RYT

Polly Harker, Instructor RYT

My name is Shelley Kamlowsky and I am so excited to have the opportunity to offer yoga to Lebanon and surrounding communities!  My wish is to provide affordable yoga in a warm and welcoming space where beginners gain confidence while the more experienced deepen their practice.  

Hi! I’m Jen Burns, a marketing and PR girl turned stay-at-home Mom turned yogi.  I began my yoga teacher training journey as a personal challenge to step out of my comfort zone. Yoga has helped me through injury, loss and many life changes.  I have always loved the physical practice of yoga, but have found grounding, healing and peace in the breathwork and meditation. And...above all else, yoga makes me feel HAPPY!  

I love being active whether it’s hiking, running, spinning, practicing yoga or chasing around one of my four kids.

Much love and Namaste,


Hi! My name is Polly Harker and I fell in love with yoga years ago as a student right here on Mulberry Street, and I’m thrilled my journey has brought me full circle, to a new love of teaching - on the very same block at Green Lotus.

I had a steady practice that I cherished, but with young kids and a few health problems, I allowed it to slowly slip away.  It was always on my mind. I would buy a new mat, go to a class, and then waiver on my commitment to myself.  I started to feel intimidated because I could no longer complete the poses of which I was once proud.  But, it was always calling me to do more. It was easy to remember that I felt like my best self when I practiced and I needed to get back to it.  I have learned when that persistent whisper in my head doesn’t go away; I should act on it.  I took the leap, and made the commitment to reconnect with myself, my mat and to dive deeper into all of the aspects of the practice of yoga, and earned my RYT 200.  Yoga has wonderfully, and gently, met me exactly where I am. I am thankful for unique teachers who have shared their knowledge, wisdom, love, and encouragement.  They have created spaces that allowed me to increase my strength, flexibility, manage stress better, find balance and live more mindfully. I am excited to invite others to this beautiful space Shelley has created.  It is a place where we can experience all of the mental, spiritual and physical gifts of practicing yoga - both on and off the mat.